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2010 – 2011 WSSAAA Annual Membership

Athletic Directors,

It is time to re-new your annual membership with WSSAAA.

Becoming a member has great benefits:  <MEMBERSHIP FORM>

  • New insurance benefit   New for 2010-2011
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance NEW for 2010-2011
  • Commercial General Liability       NEW for 2010-2011
  • Admission to all WIAA state athletic events
  • Support your professional organization & receive reduced registration fee to the annual WSSAAA conference.

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Executive Board

Executive Board                                             WSSAAA DIRECTORY .PDF

Executive Director Dave Tikker Mead MS
President Stark Porter Liberty HS (Issaquah SD)
1st President Elect Dan Heltsley Bethel SD
2nd President Elect Keri Von Moos Port Susan MS (Stanwood SD)
Past-President Tim Graham Tumwater HS
Secretary Joe Richer Retired

District Representatives

District 1 Robert Polk Everett SD
Mike McKee Lynden HS
District 2 Greg Hart Mount Si HS
Bob Dowding Seattle Lutheran
Stark Porter Liberty HS
District 3 Dan Heltsley Bethel SD
Dave Lutes Kent SD
Wendy Malich Franklin Pierce SD
District 4 Ty Morris R. A. Long HS
Steve Bridge Elma HS
District 5 Dave Cullen East Valley (Yakima) HS
District 6 Steve Chamberlin Okanogan HS
District 7 Tom Graham Kettle Falls MS
District 8 Ken VanSickle University HS
District 9 Ron Hopkins Kahlotus HS

Middle School Representatives

Keri Von Moos Port Susan MS
Mike Stark Cheney MS

At Large

Tim Graham Tumwater HS

Retirees Representatives

Joe Richer
Shelly Thiel

Leadership Training Coordinator

Jim Piccolo

WIAA Representatives

John Miller Assistant Executive Director
Teresa Fisher Assistant Executive Director

WIAA Board Liaison

Craig Olson Mercer Island HS

Publications Committee Co-Chairs

Shelly Thiel WCD 3
Wendy Malich Franklin Pierce SD

Past Presidents

1970-71 Jack Burrell
1971-72 Jack Burell
1972-73 Jim Ennis
1973-74 Jim Ennis
1974-75 Jim Ennis
1975-76 Jack Burrell
1976-77 Jack Burrell
1977-78 Barb Twardus
1978-79 Mort Gronseth
1979-80 William Baumgart
1980-81 Bud Hatley
1981-82 **** King
1982-83 Ron Bessemer
1983-84 Keith Cantwell
1984-85 Ike Cummings
1985-86 Bob Shaner
1986-87 Joe Trembley
1987-88 Don White
1988-89 Bob Kirk
1989-90 Ed Tingstad
1990-91 Don Conway
1991-92 Tom Doyle
1992-93 Bill Ellis
1993-94 Pat Hoonan
1994-95 Ray Hare
1995-96 Ty Morris
1996-97 Karst Brandsma
1997-98 Jim Piccolo
1998-99 Joe Richer
1999-00 Terry Cavender
2000-01 Dave Tikker
2001-02 Steve Bridge
2002-03 Greg Hart
2003-04 Eric Monson
2004-05 Annette Duvall
2005-06 Wendy Malich
2006-07 Dave Lutes
2007-08           Dave Cullen
2008-09           Tim Graham
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WSSAAA Colleagues, to the Washington Secondary School Athletic Administrators Association

WSSAAA Colleagues,

As Frosty Westering says, “Make the Big Time Where You Are”! Where ever you are, whatever you are doing, and whichever the path you chose today, the right attitude will bring success your way. Believe and share this message.

The longer I work in this profession, the more I realize my job is not to be excellent, or great, or even good. My job is to encourage those around me to strive for excellence. And the best way to foster those qualities is to model them. Be the leader you ARE.

The WSSAAA board has already begun working hard to once again bring you the tools to continue leading and modeling excellence. And the best way to hone your skills is to travel to Spokane in April.

The 2010 conference will be April 18th-21st. Dan Heltsley, WSSAAA Conference Chair and President Elect, has been working hard this summer to secure quality speaker and presenters. Don’t miss out.

WSSAAA 2009-2010 Goals:

  • Increase membership by 10%
  • Increase our support of Middle School Athletic Administrators
  • Work on ways to minimize spending in order to increase conference funding.
  • Encourage leagues to increase their support of your WSSAAA experience
    • Each league sponsor an AD to the conference
  • Working with the WIAA on the Promotion of Athletics and Activities in our schools.
  • Continue to expand the ways we reach out and mentor athletic administrators.

Take a few minutes to check out the WSSAAA website. There is a tremendous amount of useful information:

  • Executive Board – Current Board members and contact information
  • Magazine – Great professional articles to keep you up-to-date on AD news and practices.
  • Membership – If you are not a member, Go to this page now.
  • Scholarship & Awards – Nomination forms to recognize those in your building / community, plus the history of those who have been honored in the past.
  • … and much, much more.

As each of you are busy in your buildings, working hard to do all the behind the scenes items that are overlooked by many, but not by you, let me say what all too often you do not hear: THANK YOU. Thank you for doing great things daily. Thank you for taking on a job and a profession that is demanding. Thank you for taking on the job of coaching students, coaches, and even the community.

Keep up the great work!


Stark Porter
2010 WSSAAA President
Athletic Director
Liberty HS, Issaquah SD

We hope you enjoy your experience!Respectfully,

Stark Porter,
WSSAAA President Athletic
Liberty HS, Issaquah SD

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WSSAAA Members

WSSAAA Members

District Name School/District MS/HS
1 Abrams, Richard Stanwood HS
1 Albertine, Mark Snohomish HS
1 Anderson, Bill RETIRED – LIFETIME ’05
1 Balmer, John Heatherwood/Everette MS
1 Beglau, Jan Edmonds SD
1 Blackmer, Dan Kings HS
1 Cloke, Doug Cascade High School HS
1 Cushman, Colin Sehome HS
1 Dalziel, Don Shoreline SD SD
1 Delp, Joe Monroe MS
1 DeValois, Terry Lynden HS
1 Erickson, Greg Marysville SD
1 Frederick, Jason Cedar Crest HS
1 Fritts, Lawrence HM jackson HS HS
1 Fruetel, Alan RETIRED – LIFETIME ’99
1 Gorman, Vickie Shorewood HS HS
1 Gustafson, Rich RETIRED – LIFETIME ’01
1 Hahn, Mike Granite falls HS HS
1 Hoogerhyde, Jill Shoreline Christian HS
1 Jefferson, Allen Arlington School District HS
1 Jensen, Kris Marsville MS MS
1 Johnson, Dave RETIRED – LIFETIME ’02
1 Kniseley, Jack Kamiak HS
1 Luper, Nicki Oak Harbor HS
1 McKee, Mike Squalicum/Bellingham HS
1 McMahan, Terri Edmonds SD DS
1 McMains, Ron Lynnwood/Edmonds HS
1 Mergenthaler, Rick Anacortes School District HS
1 Metzger-Levin , Jo Everett HS HS
1 Monson, Eric Mount Vernon HS
1 Murphy, Chris Meadowdale/Edmonds HS
1 Patton, John South Whidbey HS
1 Perez, Hector Lakewood HS
1 Piccolo, Jim RETIRED – LIFETIME ’06
1 Polk, Robert Everett Schools DA
1 Randall, Vic Ferndale HS
1 Schaufler, Kirby Matysville/Cedar Crest MS
1 Schuh, Corby Tolem/Marysville MS
1 Schultz, Brian Shoreline School District DA
1 Sifferman, Scott Sulton HS
1 Smith, Willie Coupeville MS/HS
1 Stewart, Kim Mountlake Terrace HS
1 Stone, Jeff RETIRED – LIFETIME ’05
1 Stroncek, Julie Edmonds/woodway HS
1 Stubrud, Rick Archbishop Murphy HS
1 Tallquist, Ken Marysville HS
1 Terpstra, Brenda Mount Baker HS
1 Titus, Eric Stanwood MS
1 Torgeson, Todd Sedro Woolley School Distict HS
1 Truant, Janice RETIRED – LIFETIME ’99
1 Vermeire, Marc Friday Harbor HS
1 Vezzetti, Wayne Blaine HA HS
1 Von Moos, Keri Port Susan/Stanwood MS
1 Wardell, Kim Darrington ms/hs
1 Wilfong, Tom Stanwood HS
1 Wilson, Kim RETIRED – LIFETIME ’99
1 Wright, Jeff Kings MS
2 Adair, Rhondi Annie Wright HS
2 Bailey, Michael Issaquah High HS
2 Duvall, Annette Bainbridge HS HS
2 Emslie, Gary Bush School HS
2 Hercules, Brian Bellevue High HS
2 Johnson, Terry Lake Washington HS
2 Kuehn, Art Interlake High HS
2 Monica, George Bishop Blanchet HS HS
2 Naish, Frank Inglemoor High HS
2 Scott, Mike Roosevelt High HS
2 Aamodt, Dylan Eastside Academy HS
2 Agnew, Terry Woodinville High HS
2 Appelgate, John Redmond High HS
2 Atack, Britt Northwest School HS
2 Bakken, Craig RETIRED – LIFETIME ’06
2 Bettinger, Bill Cedar Park Christian HS
2 Bruketta, Doug Ballard HS
2 Chandler, Jeff Skyline High HS
2 Crowder, Tim Juanita High HS
2 Cullen, Mark RETIRED – LIFETIME ’06
2 Davis, Jed Northwest Yeshiva HS
2 DeJonge, Mark Bellevue Christian HS
2 Dowding, Robert Seattle Lutheran HS
2 Doyle, Tom RETIRED – LIFETIME ’03
2 Eggers, Steve Maywood/Renton MS
2 Eng, Kim Forest Ridge HS
2 Enquist, Nels Chief Sealth HS HS
2 Flaherty, John RETIRED-LIFETIME-07
2 Foster, George West Seattle HS HS
2 Fowler, Mickey Chief Kanim MS MS
2 Fukuma, JoAnn Franklin High HS
2 Gatter, Lance Eastside Catholic HS
2 Habeck, Dave Evergreen Lutheran HS
2 Hairston, Al Metro Athletic Office HS
2 Hart, Greg Mount Si High HS
2 Hopkins, Hoover Nathan Hale HS HS
2 Huffer, Traci Ingraham HS HS
2 Jackson-Williams, Peggy Garfield High HS
2 James, Gill Newport High HS
2 Jones, Jason Cleveland HS
2 Jurdy, Dan Rainier Beach HS HS
2 Kawaguchi, Brent Eastlake High HS
2 Kirihara, Roger Summit K-12 School HS
2 Kohler, Jana Holy Names Acad. HS
2 Kohler, Monte O’Dea High School HS
2 Kredit, Harlen Retired/yearly
2 Krumm, Javier Puget Sound Adven. HS
2 Lindgren, Debbie Quilcene HS HS
2 Lowell, Jeff Mercer Island High HS
2 Madden, Ted Rainier Christian HS
2 Marson, Megan Twin Falls MS
2 McCarthy, Pat Sammamish High HS
2 Menashe, Jack Seattle Lutheran HS
2 Mills, Yonni Bothell High HS
2 Moe, Rebecca University Prep HS
2 Murphy, Jim RETIRED – LIFETIME ’99
2 Nohmy, Rick King’s West HS
2 Olson, Craig Mercer Island High HS
2 Paulter, Ed Seattle Prep HS
2 Perlin, Sam Seattle Academy HS
2 Pohlman, Chad Bear Creek School HS
2 Pond, David Christian Faith HS
2 Porter, Stark Liberty High HS
2 Putnam, Ed Lakeside School HS
2 Ritch, Mike RETIRED – LIFETIME ’99
2 Smart, Lacey Holy Names Acad. HS
2 Strand, Al RETIRED – LIFETIME ’99
2 Syverson, Luke Mt. Rainier Lutheran HS
2 Thompson, Matt Chief Leschi HS
2 Twardus, Barbara RETIRED – LIFETIME
2 Vanni, George RETIRED – LIFETIME ’06
2 White, Don
2 Wiley, John Overlake School HS
2 Wiper, Art RETIRED – LIFETIME ’99
3 Alvert, Lloyd Bethel JH MS
3 Anderson, Eric Kentridge HS
3 Aubert, Doud Auburn/Riverside HS HS
3 Baines, Jeff Sumner High School HS
3 Ball, Jim Bethel HS HS
3 Barnard, Ron Ridgeline/yelm MS
3 Barnes, Al Cougar Mountain JH MS
3 Baumgart, Bill RETIRED – LIFETIME
3 Beattie, Bill Olympia HS HS
3 Bennett, Shannon Cedar heights/Kent MS
3 Bentler, Debbie Bethel HS HS
3 Bingham, David Cresent SD
3 Braver, Chris Illahee/Federal Way MS
3 Brokaw, Tom Spanaway JH MS
3 Bubnick, Jeremy Peninsula MS
3 Burmester, Tom Henry Foss/Tacoma HS
3 Calnan, Pam Central Kitsap SD
3 Collins, Peter Rogers HS HS
3 Conrad, Mark Graham-Kapowsin HS
3 Cooper, Paul Olympic MS/Auburn MS
3 Damerow, Renee Northwood/Kent MS
3 Daughtry, Joanne kentwood HS
3 Davenport, Char Lincoln HS
3 Davis, Tony Tahoma SD HS
3 Dean, Paul Timberline/N.Thurston HS
3 DeBruler, Marie Cascade MS/Auburn MS
3 Dittus, Dell Emerald Ridge HS
3 Farney, Don Meeker /Kent MS
3 Flynn, Greg Federal Way SD
3 Fosnick, Brian Glacier View Jr High Jr High
3 Foster, Mike Kentlake HS
3 Garland, Gary Eatonville HS
3 Geiger, Patrick Timberline/NT HS
3 Good, Bob Kingston MS MS
3 Greenup, Sonya Ballou Jr High MS
3 Hall, Curtiss Peninsula HS
3 Halleen, **** RETIRED – LIFETIME ’06
3 Halverson, Glenn Stahl Jr High Jr High
3 Heagle, Linda Kalles Jr High Jr High
3 Heltsley, Dan Bethel SD both
3 Hildebrandt, Kim Ford/FranklinPierce MS
3 Hill, JD Foster HS
3 Horner, Aaron Kent Meridean HS
3 Hosley, Howard Fife HS
3 Hovde, Doug Ferrucci Jr High Jr High
3 Howells, Brian Eatonville HS
3 Johnson, Amy Poulsbo MS MS
3 Johnson, Murray Auburn Mountainview HS HS
3 Jones, Casey Charles Wright Academy HS
3 Jones, Robert Auburn HS HS
3 Joslyn, Josh Hawkins MS MS
3 Kaelin, Brian Renton SD SD
3 Kindle, Jeff Puyallup HS HS
3 Kirk, Kelly Decatur High School HS
3 Kirk, Stephen Mann MS/Clover Park MS
3 Kubista, Jennifer Tacoma School District D
3 LaMay, Joleen Sumner High School HS
3 Lintz, Chuck Seattle Country day HS
3 Luft, Gary RETIRED – LIFETIME ’05
3 Lutes, Dave Kent SD SD
3 Macomber, Ted Kent-Meridian HS
3 Melver, Julie White River HS
3 Meyerhoff, Jim RETIRED – LIFETIME ’00
3 Monta, Dan Cedarcrest JH MS
3 Nelson, Thad Yelm HS HS
3 Nordi, Scott Clover Park HS
3 Novick, Dan Kingston HS HS
3 Olson, Chris Sequim HS
3 Olson, Trish North Kitsap HS
3 Parkhurst, Marty Orting HS
3 Patefield, Keith Cascade Christian HS
3 Perrez, Cindi Kentlake HS
3 Ploof, Ed Bellarmine Prep HS
3 Portenier, John Tacoma/Wilson HS HS
3 Reidy, Stacy Mt.Baker MS/Auburn MS
3 Rempfer, Sonya Rainier MS MS
3 Romine, Andy Mill Creek/Kent MS
3 Schick, Michael Edgemont Jr High
3 Sencenbaugh, Mark Mattson/Kent Sd MS
3 Spencer, Stephanie Vashon Island HighSchool HS
3 Swain, Rob Auburn SD SD
3 Swofford, Mark North Mason HS
3 Thiel, Shelly RETIRED – LIFETIME ’00
3 Thomas, Jamie Frontier JH MS
3 Thomsen, Tim Bonnie Lake HS
3 Tingstad, Ed RETIRED – LIFETIME ’97
3 VanHulle, Tim Aylen Jr High MS
3 Weinbrecht, Rick Meridean/Kent MS
3 Wells, Rick Puyallup SD HS/MS
3 Wieland, Bill RETIRED – LIFETIME ’93
3 Wilson, Lance RETIRED – LIFETIME ’06
3 Wrolstad, Craig Seattle Christian HS
4 Abbott, Kerry Chehalis MS
4 Adams, Tom Columbia River HS
4 Amidon, John Olympia HS HS
4 Arnold, Cindy Prairie HS HS
4 Bate, Ed Ridgefield HS
4 Bates, Tim River Ridge HS
4 Beckman, John Rainier HS HS
4 Bell, Ron Raymond HS/MS
4 Birdsell, Rob Huntingtin MS/Kelso MS
4 Blackman, Robert Mark Morris HS
4 Boehm, Daylene Evergreen HA
4 Bond, Wendie Adna HS
4 Bower, Dennis Onalaska HS Hs
4 Bradford, Lee Battle Ground HS HS
4 Brandmire, Mark Forks HS HS
4 Bridge, Steve Elma Middle School HS
4 Bridge, Todd North Beach HS
4 Burris, Kennan Evergreen HS HS
4 Cain, Mark Thomas Jefferson MS
4 Cattin, Ray Kelso HS
4 Cavender, Terry Camas HS
4 Chamberlain, Scott WF West HS HS
4 Condon, Jim Skyview HS HS
4 Deans, Jerry Woodland HS
4 Delong, Bryan WhitePass HS/MS
4 Dollemore, Darin RA Long HS
4 Drake, Travis Washougal HS
4 Erwin, Jack RETIRED – LIFETIME ’07
4 Fortin, Martin RETIRED – LIFETIME ’05
4 Fowler, Don Black Hills HS/Tumwater HS
4 Frazer, Rich RETIRED – LIFETIME ’96
4 Frucci, Steve LaCenter HS
4 Garrett, Bob Wahkiakum HS
4 Gillingham, Dennis RETIRED – LIFETIME ’06
4 Goble, Rick Morton SD HS/MS
4 Golden, Tiffaney Castle Rock MS
4 Golob, Dianne Hoquiam MS
4 Graham, Tim Tumwater HS
4 Griffin, John Fort vancouver HS
4 Gronseth, Mort RETIRED – LIFETIME
4 Hamilton, Scott Northwest Christian HS, Lacy HS
4 Hanson, Aaron Washougal HS
4 Hanson, Steve RETIRED – LIFETIME ’02
4 Hicks, Bill Shelton HS
4 Hoffman, Mick Vancouver SD
4 Holmes, Terry Toledo HS
4 Huddleston, Paul Kalama HS HS
4 Hudson, Jim Evergreen HS HS
4 Johnson, Bob Oakville SD MS/HS
4 Johnson, Joshua WyEast/Evergreen MS
4 Kalian, Karla Battle Ground HS HS
4 Karnofski, Henrey Castle Rock HS
4 Keller, Joe Lakes HS
4 Kilpatrick, John Stevenson HS
4 Koski, Jason Raymond HS
4 Kramer, Randy Tenino HS
4 Kreps, Howard White Salmon HS
4 Lehner, Brian Hockinson HS
4 Lowe, Joeve Centralia HS
4 Lunderman, Brian Jason Lee MS
4 Macy, Brian Naselle HS
4 Malich, Wendy Franklin Pierce SD
4 Mathieson, Adam Mt.View HS HS
4 Maxfield, Mark Retired Lifetime
4 McHattie, Rod RETIRED – LIFETIME ’02
4 McHenry, Andrea Franklin Pierce HS
4 Meyer, Leta Heritage HS HS
4 Miller, Mark Raymond HS
4 Moon, Brent Adna HS
4 Morris, Ty R A Long/Longview HS
4 Mutchko, Ron Hudtolff/Clover Park MS
4 Nelson, Marc Shahala/Evergreen MS
4 Ohashi, Rob Elma Middle School MS
4 Olson, Pam Washington/Franklin P HS
4 Parrett, Richard Vancouver Christian HS
4 Peterson, John Willapa Valley HS
4 Piland, Cale Union HS HS
4 Plummer, Nathan Ilwaco HS/MS HS/MS
4 Rangel, Manuel Mt. Adams MS
4 Rasmus, Barb Ocosta HS
4 Renner, Heather Ford/FranklinPierce MS
4 Robinson, Dawna Pe Ell HS
4 Salisbury, Nate Kalama HS HS
4 Sanchez, Tom South Bend HS
4 Schele, Allen Rochester HS Hs
4 Schutz, Dan Napavine HS
4 Scobba, **** RETIRED – LIFETIME ’05
4 Shults, Jeanne Hudson’s Bay HS
4 Smith, Mark Tacoma Baptist HS
4 Stemkoski, John Winlock HS
4 Stewart, Sara Keithley/Franklin Pierce MS
4 Swanson, Eric Toutle Lake HS HS
4 Taylor, Bruce RETIRED – LIFETIME ’06
4 Trimble, Tim Monteseno HS
4 Tveten, Todd Rochester MS MS
4 Wallwork, John Oakland Jr H/Shelton MS
4 Wheeler, Leola Anne Retired Lifetime-07
4 Williamson, Neil Castle Rock HS
4 Williamson, Neil Castle Rock HS
4 Wilson, Kevin Mossyrock HS
5 Aune, Jay Columbia HS/MS
5 Brewer, Martin Lewis & Clark
5 Brown, Denny Mabton School District HS
5 Chubb, Dan Rivers Edge HS HS
5 Cullen, Dave East Valley/Yakima HS
5 Davis, Eric Ellensburg HS
5 Day, Leroy RETIRED – LIFETIME ’05
5 Dolven, Randy RETIRED-LIFETIME-07
5 Doran, John River View HS/Finley HS
5 Edwards, Mike Richland High School HS
5 Eikanas, Lee Goldendale HS
5 Engelhart, Vic RETIRED – LIFETIME ’05
5 Erickson, Don Wapato HS
5 Feth, Chuck Kiona-Benton HS
5 Follet, Rick Royal HS
5 Frankuvic, Charolette St Josephs HS
5 Galliher, David Carmichael/Richland MS
5 Gant, Casey Prosser HS
5 Garcia, Larry Mt. Adams SD
5 Gonzales, John Eisenhower HS
5 Harrington, Michael Zillah HS
5 Hayden, Anne RETIRED – LIFETIME ’99
5 Hegarty, Thomas Hanford High School HS
5 Kuntz, BJ Wenatchee HS HS
5 Lee, Chuck Connell HS
5 LeGrant, Neil East Valley MS
5 Lewis, Mike Selah HS Hs
5 Mesplie, Frank Yakama Tribal Nation HS
5 Murray, Ken Grandview HS HS
5 Nelson, Marc Enterprise Middle School MS
5 Ortolf, Joe West Valley /Yak JH
5 Palmer, Ric Bickleton SD
5 Patitucci, Pete Othello High School HS
5 Rannow, John Kennewick HS HS
5 Rettig, Ryan Richland High School HS
5 Riggs, Jerry Richland High School HS
5 Rosberg, Scott Granger HS
5 Schumacher, Don Kamiakin/Kennewick HS
5 Stadelman, Brian Carmichael MS MS
5 Stauffer, Brett Topenish HS
5 Tubbs, Tim Enumclaw HS
5 Unruh, Rick Ellensburg HS
5 Urrutia, Steve Sierra Vista MS
5 Wells, Scott Riverside Christian HS
5 Wilkins, Don Walla Walla SD
5 Yelenich, Rich Timbeline HS
6 Alailima-Daley, Elia Cascade HS
6 Alexander, Bill Quincy HS
6 Brown, Scott Cashmere HS
6 Brucker, Jim RETIRED – LIFETIME ’00
6 Campbell, Bruce RETIRED – LIFETIME ’04
6 Caples, Miles Entiat HS
6 Chamberlin, Steve Okanogan HS
6 Coscarart, Joe West Valley School District HS
6 Cummings, Ike RETIRED – LIFETIME
6 Garner, Gary RETIRED – LIFETIME ’06
6 Goninan, Teresa Quincy Jr High MS
6 Hull, Michael Pateros HS
6 Kirk, David Omak HS
6 Nielson, Eric Soap lake HS
6 Ottis, Mike Wilson Creek HS/MS
6 Popelier, Nicholas Paschal Sherman Indian HS/MS
6 Raab, Scott Chelan HS
6 Rabb, Scott Chelan HS
6 Reno, Frank Kittitas SD
6 Rostvold, Gene Yakima Public Schools hs/ms
6 Sandhop, Loren Moses Lake HS HS
6 Smith, Brooks Brewster HS
6 Terris, Kevin Tonasket HS
6 Webb, Michelle Ephrata HS
6 White, Dan Eastmont HS
6 Wilson, Brad Lake Roosevelt HS
6 Wilson, Mike Libert Bell HS
7 Blasingame, Scott Medical Lake MS
7 Brown, Russ RETIRED – LIFETIME ’96
7 Carr, Kelly Colville HS
7 Denton, Brian Clarkston HS
7 Dodge, Kyle Mary Walker HS
7 Dumas, Paul Colville Jr High MS
7 England, Ben Inchelium HS/MS
7 Fox, Don Kettle Falls HS
7 Gloyn, Stuart Almira Coulee Hartline HS
7 Graham, Tom Kettle Falls hs/ms
7 Harkness, Nick Liberty High School HS
7 Hawpe, Don Selkirk HS/ms
7 Jantz, Steve Wilbur HS/MS
7 McKnight, Wayne West Valley HS
7 Missel, Jim Cheney HS
7 Moffatt, Chuck lakeside Middle School Ms
7 Moldrem, Karl Christian Heritage HS
7 Nicholas, Sam RETIRED – LIFETIME
7 Oliver, Tom Lakeside HS HS
7 Parisotto, Brian Freeman HS
7 Richer, Joe RETIRED – LIFETIME ’01
7 Ryan, Peplinski Saint George’s hs/ms
7 Santos, Harry RETIRED – LIFETIME
7 Smith, Todd Valley #070 ms
7 Spring, Chris Medical Lake HS
7 Stark, Mike Cheney MS
7 Verbeck, Rocky Jenkins/Chewelah MS
7 Vogel, Fred RETIRED – LIFETIME ’99
7 Zeiler, Tim Davenport HS/MS
8 Anderson, Eric Rogers HS HS
8 Bordwell, Angie Mountain View/E.Valley MS
8 Comar, Cathy Centennial MS MS
8 Cullen, **** Mead HS HS
8 Fitzpatrick, Mike Northwood/Mead MS
8 Frandsen, Kevin Central valley SD
8 Jenks, Terry Curtis HS
8 Johnson, Cale Mead SD
8 Kostecka, Joe East Valley HS
8 Manfred, Paul Gonzaga Prep HS
8 Moore, Ian Salk MS MS
8 Moore, John Green Acres/CV MS
8 Norton, Jeff Lewis & Clark/Dis 81 HS
8 Peters, Lisa North Pines MS
8 Racicot, Brett Evergreen/CV MS
8 Ryan , Randy RETIRED – LIFETIME ’02
8 Rydell, Jay RETIRED – LIFETIME ’97
8 Slauson, Lorri Chase MS
8 Stillar, Rick Mead Middle School MS
8 Syran, Michael Ferris/d81 HS
8 Tikker, Dave Mead Middle School MS
8 Tim, Trout Shadle Park HS
8 Vansickle, Ken University/CV HS
8 Walter, Butch Central Valley HS
8 Weisbeck, Maureen Bowdish MS
9 Boxleit, Terry Rosalia HS
9 Burns, Lee Pasco HS
9 Davis, Mike Pullman HS
9 Esparza, Janet Pasco HS
9 Hages, Stan Pasco HS
9 Hopkins, Ron Kahlotus HS
9 Hughes, Dwayne Pasco HS
9 Kirk, Bob RETIRED – LIFETIME ’01
9 Lesko, John Desales HS HS
9 Lindgren, Ken Oaksdale HS
9 Olson, Greg Pasco HS
9 Reid, Greg Garrison MS/Auburn MS
9 Smiley, Jack RETIRED – LIFETIME ’05
9 Smith, Nate Colton HS
9 Whipple, Pat Sprague HS
9 Whitlow, Ray Tri-Cities Christian HS
Ret Bennett, Alex RETIRED – LIFETIME ’99
Daley, Bill Sunnyside HS
Langum, **** RETIRED – LIFETIME ’03
Nielson, Larry North River HS
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Sign up now for your 2010-2011 WSSAAA Membership.

The Washington Secondary School Athletic Administrators Association is a member organization comprised of Athletic Administrators from Washington Middle Schools and High Schools.

WSSAAA exists for the following purposes:

  • To improve the education aspects of interscholastic athletics and their articulation in the total educational program.
  • To foster a closer working relationship with the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and other related professional groups.
  • To improve understanding of athletics and to establish closer working relationships among the secondary schools of the State of Washington through the sharing of mutual problems and practices.
  • To promote high standards of achievements and ethics in interscholastic athletics.

Click here for the 2010-2011 WSSAAA Membership Form

In addition to participating actively in your organization and receiving reduced registration fees to the state conference, all WSSAAA members receive complimentary admission to all WIAA State Tournaments. Benefit yourself and your state organization by signing up now.

Your membership also supports the WSSAAA News, published 10 times per year by our organization. This publication provides a forum for discussion and debate on controversial issues as well as the opportunity to highlight some great new ideas for performing our jobs more professionally. Your membership makes this possible; we encourage further participation through your contribution of articles and photos.

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